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Adstudio, Sri Lanka’s first Programmatic Advertising Eco System, Launches

Digital X, a programmatic and data marketing company in Sri Lanka which brings innovation to ‘Digital Marketing through Real Time bidding, Data and Technology, launched its novel full-stack programmatic advertising ecosystem, AdStudio, at an exclusive media event recently.

AdStudio, with its perceptive data and simple yet classy programmatic technology, focuses on the controls with the uppermost capitulate has productively influenced technology to create an ecosystem where ad space buyers and sellers have more control over how they advertise and who sees their advertisements. AdStudio currently operates with advertisers as well as publishers, making it the first Programmatic platform to be in operation within the country.

In basic terms, how AdStudio works is when a user clicks on the publisher’s web page, they are prone to see the digital ad space available for auction. The system carries out the auction among all those interested in specific ad space and the highest bid wins. Apart from that, Adstudio brings in the option of targeting the required audience when an ad is published which limits the display audience concerning one’s privacy and preference.

The intelligent data management platform and AI integrated into the ecosystem allow ad buyers to channel their marketing campaigns to targeted audiences for exceptional results while the seamless technology allows ad sellers to generate the maximum out of each ad space.

AdStudio is also significantly cost-effective as the only payments that consumers will need to do are for targeted impressions. Additionally, AdStudio stands out as the only programmatic advertising eco-system that boasts Sinhala ad spaces, allowing consumers to digitally allocate space for everything from Sinhala content websites.

“We at AdStudio are a cluster of fervent people who envision how data can be utilized competently to generate improved marketing campaigns that make all our clients more gainful. Through AdStudio we are capable of presenting a wide-ranging enclosure for all marketers and advertisers to capably carry out result-oriented operations. Our tools include data collection to audience measurement, data management platform) activation, data visualization. With the amalgamation of these tools, our skill and the end to end solution that is offered through AdStudio, you would be able to enter into a new paradigm of Digital marketing with ease.”

AdStudio stands out as a perfect complement to brands, advertisers and website owners. The website owners will be able to promote ad space into an income initiating avenue which connects flawlessly with potential ad buyers. Through automated auctions, the entire ad inventory will be monetized; making sure that one’s ad inventory is never a nuisance.

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