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Digital X unveils Adstudio

Digital X, a programmatic and data marketing company, launched a programmatic advertising ecosystem, AdStudio, recently.

AdStudio has productively influenced technology to create an ecosystem where ad space buyers and sellers have more control over how they advertise and who sees their advertisements. It currently operates with advertisers as well as publishers, making it one of the first programmatic platforms to be in operation in the country. In basic terms, how AdStudio works is when a user clicks on the publisher’s web page, they are prone to see the digital ad space available for auction. The system carries out the auction among all those interested in specific ad space and the highest bid wins. It also brings in the option of targeting the required audience when an ad is published which limits the display audience concerning one’s privacy and preference.

AdStudio is cost-effective as the only payments that consumers will need to make are for targeted impressions. It also has Sinhala ad spaces.

“Programmatic ad buying has changed the face of online advertising, although there is confusion around its reality. ‘Programmatic’ ad buying typically refers to the use of technology to purchase digital adverts using real-time bidding technology, with Data insights and creating meaningful audience insights for Advertisers to target their segments more effectively” Vice President, Marketing – Programmatic, Digital X, Umair Wolid said.

Vice President, Technology and Operations, Digital X, Chathuranga Manamendra said, “Programmatic technology can offer an in-depth analysis of the large data sets as well as a single view of all the underline processes while providing comprehensive support for the advertisers to manage their campaigns effectively.Through AdStudio we are capable of presenting a wide-ranging enclosure for all marketers and advertisers to capably carry out result-oriented operations.”

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