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Social Listening

Your launchpad to success on social media!

Did you know that you can boost your brand image and conversion rate with real-time social listening? Track down what customers and the general audience are saying about your brand on various social media platforms? That’s right!
At Digital X, we believe in ‘listen before you speak’. We take brands to greater heights with the right strategies and smart tools by listening to what happens around you and your brand. We don’t just do it, and every action we take leads to result-oriented outcomes.
Welcome to the world of SOCIAL LISTENING.

What is social listening?

It is a term that is much talked about, right?

In simple, ‘social listening’ allows brands to track, analyze and respond to conversations and trends about them on various social media channels. It doesn’t stop there! Social listening also gives industry insights, competitor intelligence and the latest sentiments shared amongst the target audience to make smart decisions.
Did you know that people upload more than 1,000,000 posts on social media every minute? But with Locobuzz, you’ll know which ones are about your brand! Real-time social listening lets you track your brand and its performance along with your competitors on many online sources. Besides, Locobuzz will dig deep into data and new-found insights and will answer all the why’s and how’s you won’t find anywhere else!

To unleash the true power of social listening, Digital X recently organized a webinar on the theme, ‘Using Social Listening to Gain Competitive Insights’. As a pioneering Sri Lankan agency focused on programmatic advertising, this webinar highlighted the importance of using social listening in the modern age by sharing eye-opening case studies.

These claims are backed by case studies carried out by Digital X, a pioneer in data engineering and programmatic ad delivery platform in Sri Lanka.

Case Studies

Need more convincing? Here’s what our loyal patrons got to say!

Client leading centre for health communication and health promotion in Sri Lanka

Social media monitoring and reporting

With the pandemic striking the country it was essential for the organization to understand the emerging conversations to track public, health concerns and to also counter rumors circulated among the society which was generating unnecessary panic. Real time monitoring for real time action was Key!

Locobuzz bulk action helped to retag sentiments in bulk and viral alerts was thereafter able to update stakeholders on real-time basis on emerging developments.

Client a giant in the banking industry


Managing crisis through timely intervention

A sudden crisis had resulted in unnecessary conversations which were damaging the brand image. Real time monitoring was needed for timely intervention.

Identification of buzz words during period through Word Cloud helped monitor up-coming issues concerns which were highlighted to client for prompt intervention.

Daily sentiment tracking was able to provide insights into the type of sentiment during the crisis and track the effectiveness of the interventions made.

Client a large retailer in Sri Lanka

Industry tracking & analysis, community engagement

Door-to- door delivery became the need of the hour with the pandemic outbreak. Retailers stepped up to the occasion. But were the Sri Lankan retailers geared for it? Were clients happy? How were the competitors fairing? were questions that needed to be answered.

The analytics was able to track the progress of the door-to door delivery get feedback from public on real-time basis to take action at inception of the campaign while also being able to analyze performance vs competition.
By responding to the many public queries client was also able to engage the audience and show proactive action in present context.